Heavy Duty Pipe Product Sheet

Heavy Duty Pipe Product Sheet.pdf

Heavy Duty Pipe Product Sheet

This document is the Heavy Duty Pipe Product Sheet. Applications, features, benefits and specifications with illustrations and table provided.

The heavy duty single wall pipe delivers value while providing physical strength and structural design that cannot be matched with metal or concrete. Heavy duty pipe is lightweight for easier handling and less costly installations.

Applications for the pipe are culverts, paths & walkway drains, landscape/subdrainage, golf courses, sports playing fields, grain aeration, pond overflows & dams, parking lots, field drainage, slope/edge/foundation drains, downspouts/roof drainage, waterway terracing, land reclamation and irrigation ditch enclosures.

Features include that pipe is available in various coil lengths, 6”-24” diameter pipe available in 20’ lengths, HS-25 (highway traffic loads) rated with minimum of 12” cover and meets soil-tight joint performance requirements-gasketed or non-gasketed split coupler and internal and external snap couplers available.

Benefits listed are longer lengths, which vary by diameter, result in fewer joints so pipe can be cut to length in the field. Easy to handle pipe requires less labor and equipment for fast installation and less cost. Provides superior resistance to chemicals, road salts, motor oil and gasoline. Withstands repeated freeze/thaw cycles and continuous sub-zero temperatures without crumbling or deterioration.

The ADS Heavy Duty Pipe specification describes scope, pipe requirements, joint performance, fittings, material properties and installation. A pipe dimensions chart is provided with values for nominal diameter for pipe I.D. and pipe O.D.

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