Inserta Tee Roof Drains Information Sheet

Inserta Tee Roof Drains Information Sheet.pdf

Inserta Tee Roof Drains Information Sheet

The ADS® Inserta Tee® lateral connection is ideal for roof drains as it installs faster and is more economical than using fabricated reducing fittings or manholes for roof drain laterals. The Inserta Tee allows for easier mainline pipe grading and lowers cost by reducing labor hours and less pipe materials. New laterals can be connected anyplace without disturbing the mainline pipe or backfill.

Inserta Tees are a three-piece service connection consisting of a PVC hub, rubber sleeve and stainless steel band. An Inserta Tee fits 2”-24” (50-600 mm) service pipe, while an Inserta Tee OneFit™ is available for 4”-8” (100-200 mm) service pipe. Inserta Tees connect to all known solid wall, profile, closed profile and corrugated pipe without the need for glues, epoxies, grout and awkward gaskets.

Inserta Tee matches the internal radius of any pipe to prevent protrusion and eliminates the need to retighten bands around the mainline.

Hole saws are available for all size pipe and must be purchased from Inserta Tee to maintain the product’s performance warranty.

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