Universal Baseplate for Domestic Castings Product Sheet

Universal Baseplate for Domestic Castings Product Sheet.pdf

Universal Baseplate for Domestic Castings Product Sheet

This document is the Universal Baseplate for Domestic Castings Product Sheet. Versatility, traffic applications, material and installation discussed.

The newly designed Nyloplast® 44.5” x 36” (1112 X 900 mm) rectangular base plate allows various rectangular casting styles from numerous domestic foundries to properly adapt to 24” (600 mm), 30” (750 mm) and 36” (900 mm) Nyloplast Drain Basins.

This new Nyloplast baseplate design accounts for a broad range of domestic foundry casting designs while allowing the baseplate to fit multiple Drain Basin diameters. The versatility of this new baseplate provides a great solution to many projects needing to use specific castings for their local municipality.

The ductile iron material used with the new base plate design provides a durable product that will be able to withstand loads and stresses the structures will encounter in H-20/HS-20 traffic applications.

This new baseplate design will be cast from ductile iron that shall conform to ASTM A536 grade 70-50-05 and will be painted with a black, lead-free paint.

Installing this baseplate is similar to the installation procedures of the Nyloplast Curb Inlet Baseplates. This baseplate is designed to provide two sets of tabs in a circular pattern on the underside that will fit the outside diameter of our 24” and 30” basins as well as the top portion of our 36”x30” reducing plate for 36” Drain Basins. The top of the baseplate provides a flat plane for the flange of the domestic foundry frames to sit properly. Its dimensions are also sized to allow various casting designs to fit properly allowing the installation to be structurally sound.

A diagram with all the components included.

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