TN 1.11 Oil Absorbent Pouch for Barracuda Max MAy 2023

TN 1.11 Oil Absorbent Pouch for Barracuda Max MAy 2023.pdf

TN 1.11 Oil Absorbent Pouch for Barracuda Max   MAy 2023

This document details the TN 1.11 Oil Absorbent Pouch for Barracuda Max May 2023. An overview and description of the oil absorbent rubberized pillow with efficiency chart provided.

The Barracuda MAX is a hydrodynamic separator system designed to remove total suspended solids, trash and other contaminants from stormwater such as oil and grease. The device can employ an oil absorbent pillow, or Rubberizer, for oil removal. This pillow is installed within the inlet bay of the structure, upstream of the vertical weir wall separating the inlet(s) and outlet pipes to enhance hydrocarbon removal. This Rubberizer allows the unit to intercept excessive stormwater oil and grease internally at the designed treatment flow rate (MTR).

This document describes the mechanism implemented to the Barracuda MAX device to achieve oil retention.

The ADS oil absorbent kit consists of a Rubberizer pillow designed to transform oils and hydrocarbons into a solid on contact. The EPA has approved Rubberizer as a sorbent for its non-chemical sorption and solidification capabilities. It’s constructed from a fiberglass mesh and contains a mixture of non-hazardous polymers with high sorption efficiencies when in contact with hydrocarbons such as gasoline, jet fuels, solvents, diesel fuels, hydraulic, transformer and lube oils, chlorinated solvents, and light crudes. This oil absorbent pillow enhances the Barracuda’s oil removal capacity.

Third-party testing has been performed on the Barracuda MAX system equipped with the Cleartec Rubberizer pillow showing the device achieves an 80% Oil Removal efficiency when the oil absorbent pillow is installed. Oil absorbent pillow replacement is recommended during routine Barracuda MAX system maintenance.

A chart for oil removal efficiency of Barracuda S4 separator shows measure flow rate, influent Conc. Oil, average influent Conc. Oil and oil removal rates.

Photographs of the Clear Tech Rubberizer Pillow and Barracuda system equipped with oil rubberizer pillow included.

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