SaniTite HP 12"-60" Brochure

SaniTite HP 12"-60" Brochure.pdf

SaniTite HP 12"-60" Brochure

This document is the SaniTite HP 12-60 Brochure. Materials, joint performance, connections and sanitary pipe specification discussed. Photographs included.

SaniTite HP (High Performance) couples advanced polypropylene resin technology with a proven 300-750 mm (12”-30”) dual wall and exclusive 750-1500 mm (30”-60”) triple wall profile design for superior performance and durability. SaniTite HP meets and exceeds typical standards for pipe stiffness and joint integrity.

When specifying pipe per ASTM F2764 on a gravity-flow sanitary sewer project, you are specifying the industry’s most stringent performance requirements.

Advanced Construction is demonstrated through Standard 300-1500 mm (12”-60”) diameters, Varied lengths available - 4.0 m (13’), 5.0 m (16.3’) and 6.1 m (20’), Redundant double gasketed joints, Inert material and Industry standards for manhole connections, testing and installation.

Superior Polypropylene Material is made from an engineered impact modified co-polymer compound, the superior strength and material properties of polypropylene offer robust pipe stiffness, excellent handling characteristics, and long service life when compared to traditional sanitary sewer products. It is chemically resistant to hydrogen sulfide gas and sulfuric acid concentrations typical of sanitary sewers to provide superior durability and performance. The unique light grey resin color provides superior UV resistance as well as improving the pipe’s interior visibility during post-installation inspection.

Superior Joint Performance with the SaniTite HP pipe has a patented extended, reinforced bell with polymer composite bands and dual gaskets that add an additional factor of safety within each joint. Standard Tap Connections like the Inserta Tee lateral connections are compatible with SaniTite HP. Couplers, standard structure connections such as, boot/compression gasket connections and specifications are described.

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