Mar Mac Polyseal Repair Coupler Specification

Mar Mac Polyseal Repair Coupler Specification.pdf

Mar Mac Polyseal Repair Coupler Specification

This document is the Mar Mac Polyseal Repair Coupler Specification. Scope, material properties and installation explained. Figure and chart included.

The Mar Mac Polyseal Repair Coupler is a connection for 8- through 60-inch (200 to 1500 mm) ADS N-12 pipe.

The Mar Mac Coupler, as manufactured by Mar Mac® Construction Products, Inc. and distributed by ADS, Inc., consists of a mastic adhesive base layer, a cross-laminated polyethylene middle layer and a spun-bonded geotextile polypropylene cloth outer layer.

Installation shall be in accordance with Mar Mac Construction Products, Inc. recommended installation instructions. Polyseal repair coupler, in conjunction with corrugated HDPE pipe, is considered a soil-tight connection unless otherwise approved by local governing body.

3 hose clamp straps for 8”-24” pipe and 3 ratchet straps for 30”-60” pipe figure shown. A chart details the diameters of pipes and strap lengths.

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