Inserta Tee Protrusion Chart

Inserta Tee Protrusion Chart.pdf

Inserta Tee Protrusion Chart

This document describes the Inserta Tee Protrusion Chart. A chart for protrusion percentage per mainline diameter for various sizes of Inserta Tee provided.

The protrusion percentage per mainline diameter chart features the Inserta Tee size 4” thru 24” with maximum protrusion measurements and percentages from 8” thru 60” diameters.

Precise protrusion always depends on the type of mainline pipe used and the installation procedures followed. This chart is intended for reference only and is only for mainline pipes that are made from polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, and ductile iron. These measurements should be approximate for mainlines that are solid wall, profile, closed profile, or corrugated. Mainlines that are clay or concrete do not protrude (0%).

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