Ground Protection Mat

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Ground Protection Mat

This document explains the advantages of the BAM! Ground Protection Mat. This Bad Ass Mat (BAM!) provides durable coverage for equipment during pipe installations.

The ADS BAM! Ground Protection Mat is versatile, safe and durable to save you time and money.

The benefits of BAM! are exclusive dual side traction design, interlocking tread designs, 2 sizes available, cost effective compared to plywood, light 4’ x 8’ sheet weighs 56 pounds, test rates at 53,712 pounds per square foot, doesn’t absorb sunlight so prevents turf browning and resists cutting and fading.

BAM! is dual sided for equipment and pedestrian. Advantages to using BAM! include mitigating unnecessary site damage, re-usable where weight, color and shape remain consistent over the mat’s lifetime, 4’ x 8’ sheet weighs 56 pounds and rated at 160,000 pounds, hand holes for easy loading and unloading, 3/8” (9mm) thickness compared to competitor’s ½” (13 mm) sheet weighing 90 pounds, won’t absorb chemicals and moisture, rinse with soap and water to re-use and manufactured in the USA with a 3 year limited warranty.

Photographs of the mat in use are included.

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