N-12 ST IB (per AASHTO) Product Sheet

N-12 ST IB (per AASHTO) Product Sheet.pdf

N-12 ST IB (per AASHTO) Product Sheet

The N-12® ST IB Pipe (per AASHTO) is a high-performance HDPE pipe with a superior built-in bell-and-spigot joint. The joints are sealed by high-quality, factory installed gaskets that meet ASTM F477 requirements. The polyethylene bell minimizes joint distortion and eliminates the chipping and cracking that happens with concrete bells.

Applications for the N-12 ST IB Pipe (per AASHTO) pipe include storm sewers, retention/detention systems, golf courses, turf and recreational facilities, culverts & cross drains, mining/forestry/industrial, grain aeration, waterways, ditch enclosures, slope & edge drains, foundations drains, downspouts & roof drainage, land reclamation, and terracing.

The N-12 ST IB Pipe (per AASHTO) pipe features diameters from 4”-60” (150-1500mm), an in-line bell & spigot joint design, exceptional joint strength, is lightweight, fast to install, and its structural strength will support H-25 live loads with 12” (300 mm) minimum cover.

The benefits of N-12 ST IB Pipe (per AASHTO) pipe are that it comes in a variety of diameters and lengths, the joint only requires lube for fitting, you can push the ends together for easy installation, no gasket materials, grout or sealing bands are required, and the interior of the pipe is smooth for a better hydraulics.

This document includes additional specifications about the N-12 ST IB Pipe (per AASHTO), including the N-12 ST IB Pipe (per AASHTO) requirements, joint performance, fittings, N-12 ST IB Pipe (per AASHTO) material properties, and installation. A table is provided for pipe dimensions with nominal dimensions. For complete installation guidelines for the N-12 ST IB Pipe (per AASHTO), follow AASHTO and ADS’ published installation guidelines. Maximum fill heights depend on embedment material and compaction level; please refer to Technical Note 2.01.

N-12 ST IB Pipe (per AASHTO) is manufactured in accordance with AASHTO M252, AASHTO M294 or ASTM F2306, and complies with the requirements in the Build America, Buy America (BABA) Act.

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