Rainwater Harvesting StormTech Detail

Rainwater Harvesting StormTech Detail.dwg

Rainwater Harvesting StormTech Detail

This document is the Rainwater Harvesting StormTech Detail featuring a cross section of the system on a residential house.

The cross section shows the rainwater drainage starting from the roof of a house, into the gutter and downspout, into the grate below. The grate leads to the nyloplast drain basin and ADS N-12 inlet pipe. From there the diagram shows the perforated underdrain, the StormTech Chamber, thermoplastic liner between non-woven geotextile, StormTech endcap, the nyloplast inline drain body with solid hinged cover and 4” PVC pipe. Locations of the backfill and clean, crushed, angular stone are shown.

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