Small Diameter N-12 Pipe & Fittings Brochure

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Small Diameter N-12 Pipe & Fittings Brochure

ADS offers a line of 4”-12” (100-300 mm) corrugated smooth interior high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe and injection molded fittings for maximum drainage.

The Small Diameter N-12® Pipe & Fittings Brochure explains the advantages of polyethylene, the applications, the specifications and how corrugated HDPE contributes to sustainability when compared to other pipe materials.

The advantages of polyethylene include better impact strength, no edge beveling, better chemical & abrasion resistance, H-20 traffic load rated, & increased pipe stiffness. A chart is shown with published pipe stiffness values.

Small diameter N-12 makes possible a completed drainage system from the top of a building to the storm sewer for roof drains, foundation lines, collector pipe, roadway edge drains, and construction site de-watering.

N-12 WT pipe and fittings meet or exceed watertight requirements of ASTM D3212 – the standard for ALL thermoplastic gravity flow pipes including PVC. To assure watertightness, field performance verification may be accomplished by testing in accordance with ASTM F1417.

The 2018 Life Cycle Assessment of North American Municipal Stormwater Pipe Systems shows that corrugated HDPE pipe has the lowest global warming potential when compared with other pipe materials. At ADS, sustainability is at the core of who we are and what we do. Mega Green pipe contains more than 60% recycled HDPE material, millions of pounds of plastic is kept from landfills each year.

Watertight fittings, with charts, in this brochure are coupler, tee, 45° wye, reducing coupler, sweeping tee, 90° elbow, reducing coupler spigot, 45° elbow, 90° elbow, end cap, watertight fitting kits and wye sizes.

Besides injection molded HDPE fittings, ADS offers a full line of products to make your small diameter pipe connections watertight, fast, and economical.

Nyloplast provides a complete offering of PVC fittings, including downspout connections and cleanouts, that are adaptable to just about any pipe material including HDPE. Connections to the main pipelines of all diameters are also made easy with INSERTA TEE taps to connect 4”-24”. A diagram is shown for Nyloplast downspout adapter with clean out and inserta tee.

Charts include the Inserta Tee tap diameter chart, downspout adapters chart, and the clean outs chart.

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