1460A Duraslot Light Duty Installation

1460A Duraslot Light Duty Installation.dwg

1460A Duraslot Light Duty Installation

This document shows the 1460A Duraslot Light Duty Installation. A detail of the Duraslot with descriptors, table and notes provided.

The Duraslot detail shows the 1/4” recess into finished pavement, aluminum slot riser with optional steel grating, ADS N-12 HDPE, pavement, base material as appropriate and stable, undisturbed earth or compacted fill.

A table shows the nominal diameter ID, in. (mm) for 4 thru 36 and depth of invert height in minimum and maximum inches.

Notes state that backfill design may be used for non-vehicular loads only. Surface pavement adjoining the slot should be a non-erosive material. Coupler bands are soil-tight. For a tighter seal, a full concrete installation, neoprene sheet or mastic filler may be used. The engineer provides site specific backfill details such as pavement type. Additional design information available through ADS tech notes and slot recess is not included in depth of invert tables.

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