Public Policy

Our public policy objectives support economic growth, job creation, innovation, recycling and consumer education, and we’re always looking for partners to help us move the industry forward.

Why We Stay Involved

In the construction industry, changes in technology and sustainability often get tied up in resistance and regulatory red-tape. We have been advocates for changes in regulations for decades, from the federal level to local municipalities. Our experts can answer technical objections to our products.


Three Pillars of Progress

Open Material Competition

Current regulations allow a single material to be specified on stormwater plans, limiting competition to a single material. If stormwater plans instead define the system performance requirements, all qualified materials can bid on a project. This reduces cost and promotes innovation. We want to ensure communities get the best economic benefit for the money they spend. 

Promote Federal Funding for Infrastructure

We support federal funding for infrastructure because investments in infrastructure are key to promoting economic growth and job creation. According to the American Society of Civil Engineers' 2017 Infrastructure Report Card, United States infrastructure is graded at D+, yet funding remains a constant issue.

Encourage the Use of Recycled Material

As one of the largest plastic recyclers, we're committed to recycling programs and want consumer recycling rates to increase. To do that we need more education about recycling programs and reducing contamination in the recycling stream.

Download the Sustainability Report

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