HP Agricultural Lift Stations

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Created with farmers and landowners in mind, lift stations' come equipped with user-friendly technology to create one system to manage water flow rates, field water table levels and power consumption. Our lift station's remote monitoring system is satellite-based and can be accessed via any web-enabled device so that you can control your water management from anywhere.

34 Product Variations

ADS Ag Lift Station

ADS Ag Lift Station

Ag Lift Station Pumps

Ag Lift Station Pumps

ADS Ag Lift Station
Ag Lift Station Pumps

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Features & Benefits:

  • Reduces standard on/off cycles
  • Allows historical comparison through cloud-based data 
  • Increases yield by controlling root zone water availability 
  • Provides 24/7 factory-trained support from pump manufacturer
  • Control your system from the comforts of your couch

N-12® Flex Pipe

Inserta Tee®

4" Universal Tap Tee

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