Frequently Asked Questions

Nyloplast FAQs

Nyloplast PVC Drain Basins range in diameter from 8” (200mm) to 36” (900mm)

Nyloplast Drain Basins are made from smooth wall PVC pipe stock with raw material used to manufacture the main body and pipe stubs of the drainage inlets conform to ASTM D1784 cell class 12454

Because PVC is immune to corrosion, and according to previous studies and current service life of PVC piping in use since the early 20th Century, the life expectancy of a Nyloplast PVC Drain Basin is not definite but is expected to be approximately 100 years

Yes, compared to traditional materials such as precast, Nyloplast Drain Basins can be installed up to 4 times faster per structure. Some of the installation benefits include:

  1. Lighter weight and safer to handle and install
  2. Requires a smaller footprint to store materials on site
  3. Excavation around the structure is the same as the pipe trench
  4. No special backfill requirements (Class 1, 2, 3 soils allowed)
  5. Adjustments in the field are much easier as adding additional height via PVC risers and trimming structure in field to final grade does not require any specialized tools or heavy machinery

  • Faster installation times contribute to a lower installed cost, creating savings on your project
  • The Nyloplast 3D Design tool allows engineers, contractors, and distributers an easy way to create their own basin designs. These can then be submitted to our product specialists for pricing and purchasing assistance

Yes, it is resistant to most common corroding agents including inorganic acids, alkalis and salts. Also, PVC is weather resistant and is a highly stable material that is impact-resistant, fire-retarding, and resists microbial growth.

Yes, Nyloplast PVC basins can be used with drainage systems that use a variety of different pipe connections including HDPE, PVC, DIP, DWV SCH.40, RCP/CMP (with recommended field adapters)

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