N-12 Pipe
Used to Detain School's Stormwater Runoff

Overland Park, KS
Installation Date:

Shawnee Mission Public Schools Unified School District
The Indian Woods Middle School addition required stormwater management in an underground detention system to meet the municipal code.


The system would need to meet regional environmental requirements. In addition, the municipal code requires stormwater detention for new projects that increase peak discharge from the site when downstream buildings or streets are subjected to flooding because of development.

The stormwater detention system at Indian Woods School is 130’ x 154’ (40 m x 47 m) with 12 rows of 30” (750 mm) N-12 pipe. The system holds 7,600 cubic feet (215 m3 ) of stormwater. The detained stormwater is eventually released at a controlled rate into the existing storm sewer system. The stormwater was captured by a Nyloplast inline drain with the stormwater flow passing through a FlexStorm inlet filter, which provides inlet protection and stormwater runoff control

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