Paradise, CA
Installation Date:

Paradise Irrigation District

RCI General Engineering

Meter Installation and Service
The rebuilding of Paradise, which was destroyed by a campfire on November 8, 2018, focused on the rapid replacement of water service lines.


The Paradise Irrigation Department utilized ADS PolyFlex CTS potable water service lines in diameters of 1”-2” (25-50 mm) because it is resistant to rot and corrosion, can be installed easily and meets industry specifications.

The flexibility of ADS PolyFlex is very important because of the seismic movements in the area and
it allows the installers to work around issues, such as rocks and other underground services.

With all of the rebuild in Paradise, there has been a lot of pressure on getting new water service to the buildings. The ease of installing ADS PolyFlex allows for service lines to be in place within an hour or two of the requests.

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