Senior Housing

Lake Tappan, NY
Installation Date:

Shelter Development LLC

JMC Site Development Consultants

Conserv Construction
The Brightview Senior Housing Development, a new nursing home complex, had a limited footprint for stormwater drainage that required 79,000 cubic feet of water storage.

The development chose to utilize 458 MC-4500 StormTech Chambers that would be dispersed over four different areas. All of the systems would be installed under parking lots, which required the ability to handle top load strength for vehicles driving and parking on top of the system.

In addition, StormTech Isolator Rows were part of the design. The Isolator Row catches sediment, so it can’t settle at the bottom of the bed. Nyloplast Inline Drains were used to capture the stormwater, while N-12 HDPE pipe was used to convey stormwater from the capture phase to the storage in the chamber systems.

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