Single Wall
Replaces Gravel System

Deland, FL
Installation Date:



Acme Environmental Services
The RaceTrac convenience store and gas station was plagued with an aerobic wastewater system and drain field that had rising maintenance costs. 


The company’s engineers retrofit the store’s existing wastewater tanks with pumps and converted the drain field to a pressure-dosed system.

An Advanced Drainage Systems’ Multipipe (currently Septic StackTM ) system, made of 4” (100 mm) corrugated pipe was chosen to take the place of a conventional gravel system. The new system provided more capacity and installed with a shallow cover.

The 1,200 square foot (112 m 2) system involves eight 50’ (15 m) long runs of the 4” (100 mm) pipe nestled between two bundles of VOID pipe. The VOID pipes have both holes and slots to allow for effluent passage, allowing for evaporation and transpiration.

By flanking the corrugated distribution pipe, which is the only pipe connected to the tank’s outflow, with bundles of VOID pipe, the need for gravel was eliminated. For the cover fill, 6” (150 mm) of native, sandy soil was able to be utilized.


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