November 13, 2023 / 2 minute read

How Does Tile Work?

Water management solutions are an investment in the future of your farm, one that pays every single day. A water management system will work as hard as you do, increasing your farmable acres and improving your yields by 30% on average, year over year.

But how does it work? Four simple steps.


In a pattern tile system, lateral and mainlines collect rainwater as it moves through the soil profile and enters the perforated pipe. Water is then sent directionally on its way. If spots are prone to pooling, surface inlets are used to capture excess water.

By making soil more porous, tiling reduces standing water and soil compaction so roots can easily penetrate the soil for better overall plant health. Subsurface drainage creates healthier plants that can better resist weeds and diseases while enabling the soil to hold more moisture and maintain nutrients.

Furthermore, tiling can help protect your farm from the uncertainties of weather. During drought seasons, the lower water table of tiled ground allows roots to grow deeper and reach moisture otherwise unavailable.


Water management systems shift the pathway of water by redirecting flows through subsurface tile lines. This reduces the opportunity for surface runoff, which results in sediment and fertilizer loss.


Water control structures effectively manage the water table elevation in fields by setting stoplogs within the structure to the desired water level height. Active water management allows for controlled release of outlet flow, retention of valuable nutrients and effective flood mitigation.


Water is released from the drainage outlet to a reservoir, pond, lake, stream, river or other body of water on or off your property. Lift stations can also be used to pump water from below the ground to the water basin if the system is fighting gravity or needs to be lifted to an outlet that is at a higher level than the tile.

How does it help your farm?

By capturing, conveying, controlling and releasing the water on your farm, you can improve your bottom line through increased farmable acres and yields. Tiling also has tangible benefits for your farm, like preserving soil health and improving crop health — ultimately investing in the future of your farm.

At ADS Agriculture, we keep families farming by providing unique water management solutions, because every acre of land is different. Contact your sales rep to learn more about what water management solutions will work best for you.

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