Muck Pipe

From the Perforated Muck Pipe product line

The Single Wall Muck Pipe is the ideal drainage pipe solution for boggy soil conditions. Designed for soils containing peat or muck, the Single Wall pipe is extruded with larger holes or oblong perforations located in three rows. Additionally, the pipe is encased in a sock to prevent infiltration of the surrounding soils.

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Single  Wall Muck Pipe

Single Wall Muck Pipe

Single  Wall Muck Pipe


Muck soils can easily become flooded due to the position of the field. Installing proper draining solutions is crucial for the health of your landscape. Single Wall Channel Muck Pipe is a product many professionals rely on to ensure proper drainage in areas that are more prone to ponding. Often found in agriculture and land reclamation projects.

Features and Benefits

We understand the importance of proper drainage, which is why Channel Muck Pipe is built with:

  • Annular corrugated single wall with ¾" holes 4" (100 mm)
  • 100'-3,200' (30- 960 m) depending on the diameter
  • Internal or external snap couplers ASTM F667
  • Larger perforations that have less chance of clogging
  • Enclosed in sock material that helps prevents soil infiltration into the pipe
  • Ideal for soils with heavy peat and muck

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