Saves Time, Money on California Highway 50

Sacramento, CA
Installation Date:

Caltrans District 3

Caltrans District 3

Flatiron Construction
California Highway 50
The “Fix 50” Project is a collaborative effort between the Sacramento Transportation Authority, Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG), Sacramento Regional Transit and Caltrans District 3.

The project utilized funds from SHOPP, Sacramento Measure A and SB1.


The project consisted of storm drain improvements, pavement rehabilitation and HOV (High-Occupancy Vehicle) lanes to allow for improved connectivity and reliability of travel along the 50 Corridor in Sacramento. 

N-12 pipe was utilized to provide storm drain solutions to the Flatiron Design/Build team. N-12 allowed for the successful completion of storm drain phases because reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) was bogged down by supply restraints and failed post-installation inspections.

N-12 was able to pass cost savings along to Caltrans through direct material costs, reduced transportation costs and speed of installation

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