Jackson Hole Airport
Develops Sustainable Stormwater Solution

Jackson Hole, WY
Installation Date:

Jackson Hole Airport Board

Jackson Hole Airport
Jackson Hole Airport is located in the Grand Teton National Park, which makes the protection of surface and groundwater vitally important to protect the natural resource and the national park.


Designing and constructing infrastructure at the Jackson Hole Airport presented unique challenges and constraints. The airport needed to create an environmentally sustainable stormwater solution to capture stormwater from the aircraft parking aprons, but also the automobile parking lot.

The designer utilized 830 StormTech MC-4500 chambers and an Isolator® Row to provide water quality enhancement. The captured stormwater is detained and filtered prior to being pumped to the surface and discharged over a riprap stilling basin. To convey the water, 3,120’ of HP Storm Pipe was utilized in diameters from 18”-42” (450-1050 mm), while N-12 pipe was used for manifolds.

Maintenance of the StormTech system is performed at surface grade, eliminating the complexity, cost and risk of underground sentiment and is designed to provide sustainability and long-term service life for the entire stormwater infrastructure.

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