Vertical Drainage

Lexington, KY
Installation Date:

Keeneland Association Inc.

GRW Inc.

Central Rock Mineral Company
In 2006, Keeneland Race Track’s dirt track was replaced with a Polytrack surface, which requires a vertical drainage system to drain the water away from the surface. 


The success of Polytrack, a synthetic racing surface, is dependent on the quality of the drainage systems installed beneath it.

GRW chose to use ADS pipe and Nyloplast basins for the project because of lower installation costs, lightweight design and practicality when working under tight deadlines and restrictions.

For drainage, three runs of perforated pipe ran parallel to each other around the track. Every 300’ (91 m), the parallel pipes connected to a cross drain perforated pipe which ran to Nyloplast manholes. A system of pipe was installed just part the rail to gather the water drained the water in multiple directions around the entire inner portion of the track.

Pipes and basins were also used around the clubhouse lawn areas and in an end-to-end drainage structure that was completed for the grandstand.

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