N-12 & Nyloplast
Hit a Home Run

Youngsville, LA
Installation Date:

City of Youngsville

C.H. Fenstermaker & Associates

IDIM Construction
The Youngsville Sports Complex features six soccer fields, five baseball diamonds, four softball fields, 10 tennis courts, a mile walking path, a playground and concessions.


The engineer was determined for the complex, built from public funs, would not have standing water so the public could enjoy it.

To reach this goal, the engineer used Nyloplast drain basins and N-12 pipe for the stormwater system. The Nyloplast basins, a PVC structure with ductile iron grate, would capture the water. The drain basins were placed using a 3D surface model to determine the low spots on the fields, common areas and parking lots. Sumps, which sit below the basin’s pipe connection, allow sediment and runoff fertilizer to drop into the sump and improve the water quality outflow.

N-12 plastic pipe was used to convey the water from the basins. N-12 was chosen based on price, shallow burial depths, installation ease, long service life and it is made from recycled plastic.

The drainage system was tested just days prior to the May 2014 grand opening. Nine inches (225 mm) of rain fell in 12 hours but the stormwater was off the fields four hours later.


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