Installation Section of Drainage Handbook

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Installation Section of Drainage Handbook

This document is the Installation section of the ADS Drainage Handbook. It gives an overview of installation including an overview of installation considerations, pre-installation storage and handling, line and grade and trench excavation.

Information about backfill envelope construction includes backfill material, backfill placement, compaction and mechanical compaction equipment. Pipe joints for N-12® Plain End (soil-tight couplers), N-12 ST IB (gasketed soil-tight couplers, N-12 WT IB (gasketed watertight couplers), HP Storm (gasketed watertight couplers), SaniTite® (gasketed watertight couplers), SaniTite HP (gasketed watertight couplers and N-12 Low Head (gasketed watertight couplers) are discussed in the section.

As part of the section other installation considerations are given including construction and paving equipment, joining different pipe types or sizes, field connections, curvilinear installations, manhole and catch basin connections, vertical installations, groundwater, flotation, parallel pipe installations, steep slope installations, cambered installations, sliplining and post-construction inspection.

There are a number of figures within the section: typical subtrench installation, typical backfill structure, rammer compactors, static compactors, vibrating compactors, minimum pipe spacing, cambered pipe installations, minimum trench widths, classes of embedment and backfill materials, general recommendations for installation and use of soils and aggregates, compaction equipment selection guide, guidelines for joint performance selection, temporary cover requirements for light construction traffic, bending radii for ADS thermoplastic pipe, approximate weight of ADS thermoplastic pipes, minimum cover required to prevent flotation, available product specific technical literature and detail drawings, available (U.S.) product specific technical literature and detail drawings, minimum installation requirements for ADS thermoplastic products (U.S.) and minimum installation requirements for ADS thermoplastic Products (Canadian).

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