1002 Roof Drain (Tee Cleanout) Detail

1002 Roof Drain (Tee Cleanout) Detail.pdf

1002 Roof Drain (Tee Cleanout) Detail

This document is the 1002 Roof Drain (Tee Cleanout) Detail. Descriptions and notes explain the roof drain.

The Roof Drain (Tee Cleanout) Detail shows the building face, downspout adapter inserted in riser, nyloplast cleanout end cap adjust grad per plans, finished grade, injection molded WT Tee, insert injection molded, gasketed spigot by bell reducer, gasketed connection, HDPE pipe (TYP) and injection molded WT 90 degree bend.

Notes state that injection molded fittings are available in Tees, wyes, reducers, 45 degree bends and bell/bell couplers. Watertight (WT) joints are in the detail, soil-tight fittings are also available.

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