N-12 Plain End (ASTM) Product Sheet

N-12 Plain End (ASTM) Product Sheet.pdf

N-12 Plain End (ASTM) Product Sheet

N-12® Plain End pipe is used in various land drainage systems such as culverts, cross drains, slope & edge drains, golf, turf, & recreation drainage systems, foundation drains, retention & detention drain systems, storm sewers, parking lot drains, drain systems in the industrial, mining and forestry industries.

N-12® Plain End pipe (per ASTM F2648) is a gravity-flow, watertight pipe, which contains recycled resin materials. It is available in a range of diameters from 4”-60” (100-1500 mm) and it is certified to meet ASTM F2648 requirements. N-12 Plain End pipe is made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and delivers superior value, while providing physical strength and structural design that cannot be matched by traditional materials.

It is available in 20’ (6 m) lengths, resulting in fewer joints. The pipe can be field cut to the desired length.

4”-60” (100-1500 mm) diameters are available. Superior hydraulics and a smooth interior will ensure no debris or sediment build-up inside the pipe. The structural strength will support H-25 or HL-93 live loads with 12” (300 mm) minimum cover; 60” (1500 mm) requires 24” (600 mm) cover for H-25 or HL-93 live loads.

N-12 Plain End pipe is easy-to-handle, safe, light weight pipe that requires less labor and equipment for faster installation and reduced costs. The pipe provides superior resistance to chemicals, road salt, motor oil and gasoline, it will not rust or deteriorate. N-12 Plain End pipe withstands repeated freeze/thaw cycles and continuous sub-zero temperatures. Coupling bands are available to connect the pipes together.

This document includes additional information about the ADS N-12 Plain End Pipe (per ASTM F2648) specifications, including the N-12 Plain End pipe requirements, joint performance, fittings, pipe material properties, and installation. For complete installation guidelines for the N-12 Plain End pipe, follow ASTM D2321 and ADS’ published installation guidelines. Maximum fill heights depend on embedment material and compaction level; please refer to Technical Note 2.02.

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