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Major airports like Dallas-Ft. Worth, Denver International, and Atlanta Hartsfield, along with regional airports, use ADS HDPE pipe for under drains, cross drains, edge drains and culverts. On active runways, taxiways and tarmacs, N-12 pipe provides a durable solution for storm water management. Our HP Storm and SaniTite HP Pipe are trusted for storm water management in major airports like LaGuardia and Seattle-Tacoma International.

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Detention systems for collecting and storing de-icing solutions have also been designed using N-12 watertight pipe. Buried 25 feet underground, the detention system is unaffected by the Boeing 747 parked above it, or the glycol solution it holds. StormTech chambers also offer a major advantage and eliminate costly accidents due to wildlife interference by storing water underground and eliminating open detention and detention ponds that attract waterfowl. Adhering to ASTM 2418, ASTM F-2922 and ASTM F-2787 standards, as well as exceeding AASHTO 12.12 LRFD requirements, StormTech chambers provide a efficient and economical solution for stormwater detention.

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