TN 1.13 EcoStream Considerations

TN 1.13 EcoStream Considerations .pdf

TN 1.13 EcoStream Considerations

This document is the TN 1.13 EcoStream Considerations. Overview, functionality, design, plants and installation discussed.

The ADS EcoStream Biofiltration system is a manufactured water quality treatment device intended for removal of Total Suspended Solids (TSS), as well as contaminants like oil, grease, trash, heavy metals, and compounds such as nitrogen & phosphorus. This unit introduces the ability to receive both surface and subsurface runoff, allowing it to be installed in many locations and applications. Once installed, the unit’s ability to treat through filtration, adsorption and biological processes will ensure sufficient water quality treatment of the influent runoff. A figure showing the system components with descriptions is provided.

Functionality is explained when stormwater runoff enters the unit through a throat inlet or subsurface influent pipe. Energy dissipation stone is present to reduce the flow velocity. After entering the unit, runoff will flow downward via gravity through the EcoStream system. The top mulch layer will filter out course sediment and gross pollutants. The biofiltration layer is designed to remove fine sediments and dissolved pollutants, such as heavy metals or nutrients. Treated water enters the perforated underdrain pipe and then exits the EcoStream through the outlet pipe. A flow control orifice is included in the underdrain piping to limit the flow rate through the system, to ensure adequate residence time within the system. During peak storm events where the treatment capacity of the system is exceeded, runoff will pond up and begin to flow through bypass standpipe.

A design summary table shows the model, treatment cell dimensions and treatment rate. Design considerations discuss inverts/elevations with an EcoStream inlet/outlet detail.

Installation of the EcoStream unit will involve subsurface excavation, placement of sub-base aggregate material, positioning/casting of the vault, and arrangement of the internal components. Proper installation of the unit is crucial to ensure performance in alignment with the parameters specified.

Plants are not required to be utilized but if desired, choice of plant should align with local requirements and/or be chosen by a qualified landscape architect. If guidance is required, ADS can provide a generic plant list for assistance in design. Please refer to local requirements/approvals to determine if plants are required for the EcoStream BioFilter in your area.

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