EcoPure BioFilter Product Sheet

EcoPure BioFilter Product Sheet.pdf

EcoPure BioFilter Product Sheet

This document is the EcoPure BioFilter Sell Sheet. The features and benefits of this stormwater treatment technology are discussed. Photographs and specifications included.

The EcoPure BioFilter is a market-changing Biofiltration stormwater treatment technology. This high performance, low impact system merges both pretreatment of impervious stormwater runoff with advanced filtration from both surface and subsurface runoff sources. The EcoPure BioFilter is designed to remove most traditional pollutants from urban stormwater.

Advanced removal of total suspended solids (TSS), Nutrients – Total Phosphorus, Total Nitrogen, Heavy Metals, Oil and Grease, Trash and Bacteria. The EcoPure Biofilter is also an outstanding value that offers multiple inletting pipe configurations in a compact urban landscape. The device is suitable for both new construction and retrofit applications with a quick, simple installation.

Features listed are high filter media area and flowrate, linear treatment design with an upfront pretreatment cell, low elevation change between the inlet and outlet of the system, superior removal mechanisms utilizing physical unit operations, Chemical/Biological processes, living plant component at the surface of the unit, internal bypass for inline installation, maintainable system with access to remove accumulated pollutants multiple times before media replacement and scalable systems allow for treatment rates starting at 60 gpm.

Benefits listed are compact LID/Green Infrastructure Technology for Ultra-Urban Applications. Unit has compartmentalized O&M sections. Can utilize jurisdictional bioretention media in the plant growth section. Living Surface Biomass. Trash and Dry storage component. Optional infiltration design component. 3-Cell units available for additional Heavy Metals removal and improved TSS and TP removals.

EcoPure BioFilter specifications for materials and design are Concrete Structures: Designed for H-20 traffic loading and applicable soil loads or as otherwise determined by a Licensed Professional Engineer. The materials and structural design of the devices shall be per ASTM C857 and ASTM C858.

Internal components shall be substantially constructed of proprietary media blends, stainless steel, recycled polyethylene or other thermoplastic material approved by the manufacturer.

Performance notes with a table showing the EcoPure Model number, treatment rate and mass capture capacity is included.

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