HP Pipe Upgrades Logan System

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HP Pipe Upgrades Logan System

This document is the case study for HP Pipe Upgrades Logan System. A collapsed concrete pipeline causing a sinkhole replaced with SaniTite HP discussed.

The collapse of existing reinforced concrete pipe sanitary sewer line, which was corroded, caused a sink hole in Logan. It just so happened that the area was being reconstructed so rather than replace a few sections of the sanitary sewer line as planned, it was decided to replace the entire line with SaniTite HP.

This provided another opportunity for officials in Logan, which had seen its population double since the 1970s and is projected to double again by 2042. The officials decided to replace the existing 18” (450 mm) trunk line by doubling the size to 36” (900 mm) and increasing an existing 36” (900 mm) line to 48” (1200 mm). Lateral runs were made with 15”-24” (375-600 mm) SaniTite HP pipe. Burial depths of the main lines and laterals were from 9’-13’ (2.7-4 m).

SaniTite HP was chosen for the project because it is easy to handle and install. The pipe was readily available for the quick eight-week project. The biggest factor is that SaniTite HP is manufactured from polypropylene, which can withstand any effluent found in sanitary sewers.

The installation was done in July-August 2011 using 6,000’ (1829 m) of 15”-48” (375-1200 mm) SaniTite® HP.

Photographs of the project are included.

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