SC-310-3 StormTech Product Sheet

SC-310-3 StormTech Product Sheet.pdf

SC-310-3 StormTech Product Sheet

The SC-310-3 StormTech Sell Sheet features the Chamber System product with specifications and cross section example.

The proven strength and durability of the SC-310-3 Chamber allows for a design option for sites where limited cover, limited space, high water table and escalated aggregate cost are a factor. The SC-310-3 has a minimum cover requirement of 16” (400 mm) to bottom of flexible pavement and reduces the spacing requirement between chambers by 50% to 3” (76 mm). This provides a reduced footprint overall, reduces aggregate needed, and allows the designer to offer a traffic bearing application yet comply with water table separation regulations. StormTech chambers can also be used in conjunction with Green Infrastructure, thus enhancing the performance and extending the service life of these practices.

SC-310-3 Chamber specifications include all the varying product size dimensions and storage information for each model. Diagrams and cross section of the chamber are included. Storage specification charts are shown.

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