Grain-Aire Pipe Flier

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Grain-Aire Pipe Flier

The document is the ADS Grain Aire® literature piece. Grain Aire is a 360° airflow revolution in aeration systems.

Grain aeration keeps crops or crop storage drier for long periods of time for less waste. Grain Aire pipe is the most cost-effective grain aeration system available. Grain Aire pipe is made from high-density polyethylene, which is strong enough to withstand heavy grain loads.

The woven polypropylene screen features 30% open area to allow for unrestricted airflow. It prevents grain from entering the pipe and restricting the perforations. The pipe and screen enable air flow around the entire pipe, providing the 360° aeration.

The pipe used for Grain Aire is either N-12® dual wall smooth interior pipe or single wall corrugated pipe. The N-12 pipe delivers more air flow than the same size metal pipe and delivers more air efficiently. The pipe installs quickly with 20’ (6 m) lengths and is easier to cut and handle than metal pipe. Plus, N-12 won’t rust or corrode.

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