N-12 Flex Ag Product Sheet

N-12 Flex Ag Product Sheet.pdf

N-12 Flex Ag Product Sheet

The N-12® Flex Ag document describes the benefits of using N-12 Flex dual wall pipe for agricultural applications.

ADS testing shows that the pipe has the industry’s best flow rates, with a 12% better flow rate than the flexible dual wall pipe industry average. N-12 Flex pipe tests to have an 84% better flow rate than single wall pipe. All test results are internal tests based on known suppliers of flexible dual wall pipe.

N-12 Flex pipe for agriculture also provides more flow with a smaller diameter of pipe. The increased flow capacity enables more flow from a smaller diameter pipe, when compared to a single wall pipe.

When it comes to installing N-12 Flex pipe, it is simpler and safer to install. N-12 Flex eliminates the need for open trenching, which improves safety and installation speed.

Operating costs are also reduced with N-12 Flex pipe. It decreases the amount of material, labor and equipment needed, reducing overhead and operating costs.

The N-12 Flex Ag flyer includes a table listing inside diameter, outside diameter, coil length, solid, regular perforated and fine slot based on size. Inside diameters available for the N-12 Flex are 8” (203mm), 10” (254mm), 12” (305mm), and 15” (381mm).

This document also includes a graphic of the N-12 Flex pipe, illustrating the corrugated exterior wall, the smooth interior wall, the green stripe for location and identification, and the flex, or ability to bend, the pipe.

N-12 Flex pipe is the perfect pipe for farming operations such as irrigation, water conveyance, and drainage.

Contractors and installers love the N-12 Flex pipe because it is flexible and easy to install.

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