ADS FlexStorm Lite Submittal Drawing

ADS FlexStorm Lite Submittal Drawing .pdf

ADS FlexStorm Lite Submittal Drawing

The document gives information for the Flexstorm Lite™ generic submittal drawing. The drawing shows the parts of the Flexstorm Lite including the 12 gauge galvanized steel frame, which meets ASTM D8057), the woven geotextile filter bag with 82% filtration efficiency and the 2” (50 mm) overflow bypass area that exceeds flow rate of drainage location. Another part of the drawing shows the flap to cover curb opening.

Other information on the drawing show a table stating the part number, casting number, filter style, grate size, opening size, bag capacity and flow rating for the various models of the Flexstorm Lite parts in Utah.

A second table gives the Flexstorm Lite FX fabric specifications including tensile strength, elongation, CBR Puncture, Trapezoidal Tear, UV Resistance, Apparent Opening Size, Percent Open Area, Permittivity and Water Flow Rate.

The installation instructions in the drawing are:

1) Remove grate from the drainage structure.

2) Clean stone and dirt from ledge/lip of the drainage structure.

3) Place Flexstorm filter frame in the clear opening such that the hangers rest firmly on the ledge/lip of the structure.

4) Replace the grate and confirm it is not elevated more than 1/8”, the thickness of the steel hangers.

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