Kentucky I-165 Transformation Case Study

Kentucky I-165 Transformation Case Study.pdf

Kentucky I-165 Transformation Case Study

This document is the case study for the Kentucky I-165 Transformation, Bowling Green, KY. The highway upgrade to meet Federal Standards discussed.

When Kentucky’s William H. Natcher Parkway became I-165 from Bowling Green to Owensboro, the highway needed to be upgraded to meet federal guidelines for interstate standards.

ADS pipe and geotextile wrap chosen for the project as they provide ease of installation due to the long, continuous lengths of pipe, narrow trench widths needed for the pipe and the rapid response time for water to enter the system. Because of the ease of installing the pipe and wrapping it with the geotextile, it was typical for Westate to install 9,000-12,000’ (2,743-3,657 m) of pipe per day by using 3,200’ (975 m) rolls of the 4” (100 mm) pipe.

The installation was done in March-July 2019 using 472,000’ (143,866 m) of 4” (100 mm) perforated single wall pipe, 472,000’ (143,866 m) of 6’ (1.8 m) wide ADS 0701T.

Photographs of the project are included.

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