SC-740 StormTech Chamber Submittal Package

SC-740 StormTech Chamber Submittal Package.pdf

SC-740 StormTech Chamber Submittal Package

This document is the SC-740 StormTech Chamber Submittal Package. It features all the information on elements needed for a complete chamber system.

The StormTech system is designed primarily to be used under parking lots, thus maximizing land usage for private (commercial) and public applications. StormTech chambers can also be used in conjunction with Green Infrastructure, thus enhancing the performance and extending the service life of these practices. Chamber specs and a cross section are provided.

Acceptable fill material chart shows material location, description, AASHTO material classifications and compaction/density requirements. A cross section of chamber with fill materials is shown.

Technical specifications showing chamber structure and measurements with nominal chamber specifications are provided.

The SC-740 Isolator Row PLUS detail with cross section of the chamber, inspection & maintenance steps plus 4” PVC inspection port detail included.

An important component of any Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan is inspection and maintenance. The StormTech Isolator Row Plus is a technique to inexpensively enhance Total Suspended Solids (TSS) and Total Phosphorus (TP) removal with easy access for inspection and maintenance.

The frequency of inspection and maintenance varies by location. A routine inspection schedule needs to be established for each individual location based upon site specific variables. The type of land use (i.e. industrial, commercial, residential), anticipated

pollutant load, percent imperviousness, climate, etc. all play a critical role in determining the actual frequency of inspection and maintenance practices.

Maintenance is accomplished with the JetVac process. The JetVac process utilizes a high pressure water nozzle to propel itself down the Isolator Row Plus while scouring and suspending sediments.

Step by step instructions for maintenance procedures are outlined.

The construction guide covers all aspects of the SC-740 chamber requirements needed for installation.

The Limited warranty is included as well as the Geosynthetics 0601T nonwoven geotextile and Geosynthetics 315W woven geotextile requirements.

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