Lancaster Residential Development

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Lancaster Residential Development

This document is the case study for Lancaster Residential Development. ADS won approval to use HP Storm as a stormwater conveyance pipe in the city.

For a number of years, the City of Lancaster had shown an interest to consider alternatives to reinforced concrete pipe. But the city had not granted any approvals for an alternative pipe material.

ADS repeatedly met with Lancaster officials to attempt to get HP Storm, manufactured from polypropylene, approved as a stormwater conveyance pipe. The approval would allow for open competition in the bidding process and allow owners and contractors to save money.

The persistence paid off when Lancaster allowed HP Storm to be used on a residential development. HP Storm provides numerous benefits as the polypropylene offers robust pipe stiffness, a long service life and is corrosion and abrasion resistant. HP Storm is light weight for easy installation and comes in 20’ (6 m) lengths so there are less joints on each project.

The installation was done in October 2023 using 700’ (213 m) of 18” (450 mm) HP Storm and 1,600’ (488 m) of 24” (600 mm) HP Storm.

Photographs of the project are included.

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