TN220 Geocomposite Geosynthetic Specification

TN220 Geocomposite Geosynthetic Specification.pdf

TN220 Geocomposite Geosynthetic Specification

This document is the ADS TN220 Geocomposite Specification. A data sheet showing the values of filter fabric properties for geonet, composite and geotextile is provided.

ADS Geosynthetics TN220 Geocomposite consists of geonet made from HDPE resin with a non-woven polypropylene geotextile fabric heat bonded on both sides of the geonet.

The Geosynthetics TN220 product data sheet shows the filter fabric properties of Geonet for thickness, carbon black, tensile strength, melt flow, density and transmissivity.

The composite values are ply adhesion- minimum and average with values for transmissivity.

Geotextile characteristics shown are fabric weight, grab strength, grab elongation, tear strength, puncture resistant, CBR puncture, water flow rate, permittivity, permeability and transmissivity.

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