N-12 Mega Green WT IB Specification

N-12 Mega Green WT IB Specification.pdf

N-12 Mega Green WT IB Specification

This document has the specifications about the ADS N-12® MEGA GREENTM WT IB pipe, including the Pipe requirements, joint performance, fittings, field pipe and joint performance, material properties, and installation guidelines.

Pipe requirements for the ADS N-12® MEGA GREEN WT IB pipe state that the pipe will have smooth interior and annular exterior corrugations. The 4”-60” (100 to 1500 mm) pipe shall meet ASTM F2648. Manning’s “n” value for use in design needs to be 0.012.

ADS N-12® MEGA GREEN WT IB Pipe should be joined using a bell & spigot joint meeting ASTM F2648. The joint shall be watertight according to the requirements of ASTM D3212. Gaskets shall meet the requirements of ASTM F477. Please see this specification document for more information on joint performance.

Fittings shall conform to ASTM F2306. Bell and spigot connections shall utilize a welded bell and valley or saddle gasket meeting the watertight joint performance requirements of ASTM F2306. To assure watertightness, field performance verification may be accomplished by testing in accordance with ASTM F2487.

Installation for the N-12® Mega Green WT IB Pipe should be in accordance with ASTM D2321 and ADS recommended installation guidelines. with the exception that minimum cover in trafficked areas for 4-48” (100 to 1200 mm) diameters shall be one foot. (0.3 m) and for 60-inch (1500 mm) diameter the minimum cover shall be 2 ft. (0.6 m) in single run applications. Backfill for minimum cover situations shall consist of Class 1 (compacted) or Class 2 (minimum 90% SPD) material. Maximum fill heights depend on embedment material and compaction level; please refer to Technical Note 2.02.

A table is provided for pipe dimensions with nominal diameters. *Pipe O.D. values are provided for reference purposes only, values stated for 12 through 60-inch are ±1 inch. Contact a sales representative for exact values.

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