Golf and Turf Drainage Brochure

Golf and Turf Drainage Brochure.pdf

Golf and Turf Drainage Brochure

This brochure describes the systems & benefits of engineered drainage systems for golf courses, field sports and outdoor events. Proper drainage provides long-term health & playability for these recreational surfaces. Good drainage for grass and sod promotes deeper root growth, more effective use of soil nutrients, reduced risk of turf diseases, reduced compaction, removal of soluble salts and safer surfaces for play and fun.

Drainage systems for turf require several components that are necessary for the design and build. ADS offers all of the necessary components, including N-12 Dual Wall Pipe, Singlewall corrugated pipe, Nylopast® Drains & Basins, Duraslot® trench drains, turf flow pipe, StormTech® Chambers, Fittings and Inserta Tee® Lateral Connections.

Drainage for putting greens has a new standard per the USGA that permits both round pipe and now flat pipe. The flat pipe must conform to ASTM D7001, be a minimum of 12” (300 mm) in width, and not covered by a geotextile sleeve (waffle drains or any tubing encased in geotextile sleeves are specifically prohibited).

ADS round pipe and fittings are also well-suited for traditional green drainage for putting greens. Included is an illustration showing a typical layout using 4” (100 mm) perforated laterals and 6” (150 mm) solid N-12® pipe installed in gravel-filled trenches in the subgrade.

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