OneFit Now Sold as a Master Pack

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OneFit Now Sold as a Master Pack

Inserta Tee® OneFit™ Master Packs, which are boxed quantities, are the easiest and best way to order OneFit.

The Master Packs, which do not include hole saws, has three options: eight 4” (100 mm), eight 6” (150 mm) or four 8” (200 mm) OneFits. These are available in either ADS N-12® or SDR bell connections.

Implementing OneFit Master Packs are ideal for distributors to offer same day service and streamline product efficiency. Applications where the OneFit may be used are roof drain leaders, structures, retention/detention, storm sewers, irrigation/agriculture, municipal repair, Nyloplast® Drain Basins, pipe rehabilitation, fiberglass manholes and rainwater harvesting.

OneFit is a versatile lateral connection that fits any mainline pipe type and is more cost-effective than fabricated and molded tees. A OneFit has a few easy steps for fast installations, which saves a contractor time and money. OneFit provides the same superior performance and reliability as the original Inserta Tee and is accepted by thousands of municipalities and engineers.

More information about the OneFit Master Packs can be found by contacting an ADS Sales Representative or by visiting

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