Low Head Brochure

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Low Head Brochure

The N-12 Low Head Irrigation Pipe was designed to replace inefficient irrigation practices such as irrigation canals and open-earth ditches. Enclosing these canals with pipe is a great way of conserving and stretching water supplies.

Advanced Drainage Systems has engineered an innovative, cost-effective pipe designed for irrigation applications. ADS N-12 Low Head pipe provides the structural strength, joint integrity, flow capacity, flexibility and economy to serve the needs of this increasingly important market.

N-12 Low Head Pipe has longer bells and spigots that provide for increased joint misalignment allowing for easy field adjustments in curvilinear (radial) installations, while maintaining watertight performance. Multiple polymer composite bands are used on the longer bell to provide additional sealing area and ease of field joint assembly. The extended spigot has two gaskets to provide redundant sealing of the joint. These modifications provide a watertight, yet flexible, joint tailored for the low head irrigation market.

ADS engineers designed a pipe capable of handling the pressure associated with low head irrigation. N-12 Low Head pipe is extruded with a pressure-rated N-12 Low Head Irrigation Pipe resin (PE 3408/PE3608) in the liner portion of the pipe. This resin is the same as that used in high pressure gas transmission lines throughout the United States. Although not required in traditional gravity-flow, non-pressure drainage applications, the addition of a pressure-rated resin allows continuous pressure (up to 5 psi) to be applied without detrimental long-term effects.

ADS Low Head Pipe is used for irrigation, irrigation pipe replacement, and water conveyance. Made of HDPE, the pipe has structural strength, hydraulic efficiency, durability, light weight, and installation is fast.

ADS Low Head irrigation pipe Installation recommendations are similar to most other pipe installation recommendations. The pipe is a flexible conduit which transfers live and dead loads to the surrounding soil. Class I or II soils may be used for backfill, and should be compacted to at least 90% standard Proctor density.

N-12 Low Head Pipe Specifications are included. The scope of the specification describes 24- through 60-inch (600 to 1500 mm) ADS N-12 Low Head pipe for use in low head/low pressure applications.

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