SaniTite HP Adds Capacity Case Study

SaniTite HP Adds Capacity Case Study.pdf

SaniTite HP Adds Capacity Case Study

This document is the SaniTite HP Adds Capacity Case Study. In Grimes, IA, the existing sanitary sewer system needed a new sanitary sewer line.

Due to overloading of the existing sanitary sewer system by heavy rainfall and increased demands due to 67% population growth in 10 years, Grimes needed a new sanity sewer line.

FOX Engineering, which works with Grimes, was looking at traditional pipe materials, but found SaniTite HP, made of polypropylene, provided durability and a price advantage over other materials. Using FOX’s recommendation, Grimes decided to use SaniTite HP to add the new sewer line parallel to the old line.

The installation, done by Keller Construction, was completed from January through March, which is not the ideal time of year to install pipe in Iowa. Kelly found SaniTite HP to be durable in the winter months and found that the pipe made the installation fast and flexible. Keller used 13’ (4 m) sections, rather than 20’ (6 m). Keller was installing the pipe up to 20’ (6 m) deep using a 25’ (7.6 m) trench box. The shorter pipe length gave the contractor room to work on each end of the trench box to increase installation safety.

The installation was done in January - March 2012 using 3,000’ (914 m) of 36” (900 mm) SaniTite HP pipe and 1,857’ (566 m) of 48” (1200 mm) SaniTite HP pipe.

Photographs of the project are included.

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