AdvanEdge Drain Pipe Product Sheet

AdvanEdge Drain Pipe Product Sheet.pdf

AdvanEdge Drain Pipe Product Sheet

This document is the AdvanEdge Pipe Product Sheet. Applications, features, benefits and specifications with photographs and tables provided.

The AdvanEdge Drain Pipe provides stability and field-proven structural strength for quick, effective subsurface drainage. I rapidly collects and removes water. Compared to 4” round pipe at an equal length of 12”, panel pipe has twice the soil contact area and will drain a given quantity of water 60% of the time.

AdvanEdge is a perforated panel-shaped plastic core pipe with either geotextile for soil filtration or without geotextile. It’s panel shaped core fully encloses the waterway. Lateral pillars maintain the core opening, resulting in a series of oval shaped channels providing strength and few projections into the waterway. The slim 1.5” profile permits a narrow trench and faster installation. The design of the invert permits higher flow velocity at lower head.

Applications for the AdvanEdge Pipe are highway edge drains, athletic turf drainage, building foundations and retaining walls and waste management curtain drains.

Features include that pipe is available in various coil lengths, 12” oblong diameter, 100’ length available, fast installation times, manufactured from high-density polyethylene resin which provides long-term durability.

Benefits listed are the pipes can be installed vertically in narrow trenches or flat directly on prepared subgrade, invert design permits higher flow velocity at lower head and structural superiority confirmed by state field tests of edge drains.

The AdvanEdge Pipe specification describes scope, product requirements and material properties. An AdvanEdge Perforations chart is provided with values for slot length, slot width and water inlet area. A 2nd AdvanEdge Geotextile Wrap table has values for fabric properties, test method and minimum average rolls value.

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