Aquabox Design Manual Brochure

Aquabox Design Manual Brochure.pdf

Aquabox Design Manual Brochure

This document is the AQUABOX Design Manual Brochure. The manual explains the modular system for stormwater management from design to installation.

Heavy rainfalls combined with the expansion of urban impervious surfaces are showing the need for efficient and sustainable stormwater management solutions. The AQUABOX storage system offers several solutions, suitable for varying stormwater management requirements using both detention and retention techniques. Stormwater detention with a controlled release to the watershed and/or receiving waters helps to mitigate the potential negative impacts by helping to reduce flooding and degraded water quality during heavy rainfall events. In short, the AQUABOX system offers a wide range of solutions capable to addressing the specific needs of a development project.

AQUABOX is a modular system with a truncated pyramid structure made of recycled polypropylene with glass additive. It is designed to create an underground storage system for stormwater management. The modules are assembled on site and installed.

The modules are interlocked by means of special connectors that guarantee the stability of the tank. AQUABOX has high mechanical resistance, so it can be installed both in urban areas and in industrial/commercial areas where there is an intense transit of heavy vehicles.

Accessories and technical data is provided with diagrams and charts explaining the dimensions and material of each part.

A general Hydraulic design is explained with required volume, modeling the module and module section. Figures, example and an Aquabox layers chart is provided.

Structural design is explained by vertical load, sidewall load, capacity factors and uplift check instructions.

The Aquabox System installation section covers all variables of the modular parts with backfill and bedding tips. Transport and Logistics are defined.

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