Coated Drainage Structures Nyloplast Product Sheet

Coated Drainage Structures Nyloplast Product Sheet.pdf

Coated Drainage Structures Nyloplast Product Sheet

This document is the Coated Drainage Structures Nyloplast Sell Sheet.

Nyloplast structures represent the latest in storm water management technology. The innovative combination of performance proven ductile iron grates with a rugged, heavy-duty PVC structure makes Nyloplast structures unique in the surface drainage field.

Engineers and landscape architects specify Nyloplast for the structure’s performance and now Nyloplast offers an external treatment to improve the visual appearance for high-profile applications that incorporate exposed pipe designs. Rain gardens and bioretention systems are frequently designed with exposed risers. Nyloplast drains can be coated with a visually pleasing textured adhesive to create a natural appearance and enhance the attractiveness of the drainage system.

Features listed are durable/textured application, corrosion resistant PVC, watertight connections, ductile iron solid casting, connection options and added UV protection.

Benefits are aesthetically pleasing, creates a natural looking system, ideal for high-profile applications and allows overflow drainage without creating unnatural risers.

Nyloplast coated drainage structures consist of PVC surface drainage inlets will match the inline drain type ordered. The ductile iron grates and surface drainage inlets will be manufactured by ADS or approved equal supplier.

The materials for the drainage structures required for the contract shall be manufactured from PVC pipe stock, utilizing a thermo-molding process to reform the pipe stock to the furnished configuration. The drainage pipe connection stubs shall be manufactured from PVC pipe stock and formed to provide a watertight connection with the specified pipe system. This joint tightness shall conform to ASTM D3212 for joints for drain and sewer plastic pipe using flexible elastomeric seals. The flexible elastomeric seals shall conform to ASTM F477. Grates shall be provided painted black.

2 details highlight the nyloplast dome grate, rubberized coating, nyloplast inline drain, top soil, native soil and various inlet and outlet adapters shown.

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