Reducing Plate (Out of Roadway Application) Details

Reducing Plate (Out of Roadway Application) Details.dwg

Reducing Plate (Out of Roadway Application) Details

This document is the Reducing Plate (Out of Roadway Applications) Details. Diagrams, options for frame and cover with dimensions table provided.

The first diagram shows the nyloplast frame and cover 30” and also the frame and cover C-6S. A side view of the reducing plate is shown with A/B/C/D dimensions. A top down diagram shows the G/E/F dimensions and tabs for lifting and handling. To safely lift and handle ductile iron reducing plate, use lifting straps or chains that are secured to a minimum 3 of the 6 tabs on the side of the reducing plate.

The table shows the dimensions for A/B/C/D/E/F/G.

Notes state that the reducing frame is made from ductile iron. The weight of the frame is 308 pounds.

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