ADS Pipe Specification Chart Product Sheet

ADS Pipe Specification Chart Product Sheet.pdf

ADS Pipe Specification Chart Product Sheet

The ADS Pipe Specification Chart offers specifications, classifications and diameters available for the different types of pipes that ADS sells.

The specifications column refers to the ASTM or ASSHTO specifications the pipe meets. The classification column refers to whether the pipe is dual wall or single wall pipe. Diameters available for each pipe are listed. Diameters are generally in the range of 4”-60” (100-1500mm).

Some of the pipes listed in the chart are dual wall N-12 ST IB (HDPE), dual wall N-12 WT IB (HDPE), dual wall N-12 Plain End (HDPE), dual wall Mega Green ST IB (HDPE), dual wall Mega Green WT IB (HDPE), and dual wall Mega Green Plain End (HDPE).

Refer to the ADS Pipe Specification Chart Sell Sheet for the name, specification, classification and diameter you need for your drainage or irrigation system.

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